Welcome at the WUSB


The WUSB ist the only international and global organization of the Saint Bernard dog breed.

She unites 25 Saint Bernard clubs from all over the world (only Asia and South America are not represented).

The WUSB provides opportunity for clubs to meet and exchange ideas (at the yearly meeting for instance, that takes place each year in a different country) as well as to collectively enhance the quality and well-being of Saint Bernard dogs.

The Saint Bernard dog (of Swiss origin and national dog breed of Switzerland) is known all over the world and is represented in almost every country. There is hardly another breed of dogs equally shrouded by legends.

The breed got its name from the holy Bernard. He founded the Hospice on the Great Saint Bernard pass at an altitude of almost 2500 meters on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The canons have provided security for travelers on the pass at the latest since the 17th century, utilizing large dogs.

The Saint Bernard dog is a wonderful companion and family dog whose qualities are still underestimated today, despite his notoriety. Too frequently his reputation is limited to his rescue work on the pass, when in fact he has always been a help to farmers as herder, draft dog and guardian; more recently he is recognized as an outstanding canine assistant in social work and therapy.  When properly selected, he is suited for dog sports and loves to participate in a variety of other activities.